Remington DMV Select status

Remington Town Hall & Remington DMV Select will re-open Monday, June 1, with the following restrictions:

  • face masks/coverings required for face-to-face service*
  • maximum 2 people per party allowed inside
  • number of customers allowed in the lobby will be limited
  • customers waiting for service will remain outside in a single line, 6 feet apart
  • restrooms will not be available to the public

Until then, we are only processing work for customers with previously scheduled appointments.

*Other DMV options: You may leave DMV paperwork (no license plates) in our DMV drop box located on the side of Town Hall at 
105 East Main Street, Remington, VA 22734, or use USPS/UPS/FedEx to send us your paperwork. Include a valid phone number. 
Note: DMV work for in-person customers will be processed before work left in drop box or mailed in.

A few Virginia DMV CSCs ("full service" offices) will reopen on May 18, by appointment only. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, go to: